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Ventilation Services

Clean and fresh air is important. We can offer a range of ventilation and air purification solutions to help provide a fresh, healthy and comfortable environment in offices, hotels, stores and other commercial premises.

Fresh air ventilation removes stale air and offers free cooling, for a fresher feel to your space. It can also be integrated within a wider building climate control system so you can have complete control over all aspects of the building heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

We can find a ventilation solution that suits your business that offers precise control over the humidity and air quality in your building.

What is the difference between ventilation and air conditioning?

A question we get asked quite a lot. Basically, an air conditioning system has the capacity to cool and maintain the temperature of the air dispersed, whereas a ventilation system distributes the existing air around the building.

We can help you discover which option is the best for your environment.

We at Cool Dynamics provide a full service ventilation solution to include:

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